08 May 2012

CPD23 Thing 1 - Why?

Why am I partaking in the 23 Things for Professional Development? Many reasons.
  • it's free
  • it will help round out the knowledge I have accumulated over the last few years
  • I think it will add real value to my Professional Development
  • I am really enjoying it
What do I do with my time?

I currently work in Sydney Australia as Library Technician in a high school library. I also own my own Technical Writing consultancy called Hartiatech Document Services. 

I see myself staying in the library space and utilizing my IT skills (I was a Business Analyst in a previous life) to further the library cause.  I am keenly interested in technology, Social Media and Cloud Applications.

In my spare time I have created a website for a library unconference (using those lovely Social Media and Cloud App skills!).  Visit my site at UnMeash2012.

My other contribution to the library world is a a committee member of the ALIA NSW Library Technicians group.

CPD23 will help to consolidate what I already know and I believe provide me with little tidbits of information that may have escaped me!  All library people enjoy obtaining information.

My blogging skills could always be improved!

I am looking forward to getting started.

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